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The General Foundation Program is a one-year bridge course intended to equip high school graduates to pursue university majors and is undertaken by most university students in Oman. The program focuses on four areas: English, Mathematics, IT, and general study skills.

Dhofar University’s Foundation Program follows the general standards and learning outcomes as outlined by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). It aims to impart quality education to students and prepare them for their various majors. With courses ranging from Beginner to Intermediate, it caters to the curricular and co-curricular needs of students to actively bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary education.

Since its inception, the Foundation Program has successfully met both these needs and the academic expectations of Dhofar University. There are presently more than 60 faculty members of various nationalities in the Foundation Program. The richness of their professional expertise and experience, their enthusiasm, and their involvement in the community constitute the backbone of the Foundation Program as it equips a steadily increasing student body.


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English Language Unit

As English is the medium of instruction at Dhofar University, there is a clear need to approach English education in a systematic, meaningful, and purposeful manner.

Mathematics Unit

The two-term Mathematics course aims to bridge any gaps in students’ knowledge in mathematics. Basic Mathematics is taken in the first term, while Applied or Pure Mathematics (depending on the student’s major) is taken in the second term.

IT Unit

The two-term IT course aims to equip students with basic IT fluency and competency skills. It emphasizes the essential components of a standard IT curriculum as specified for General Foundation Programs by Oman Academic Standards.