About FP


About Foundation Program

Welcome! You have taken the right step forward by choosing to further your studies at Dhofar University (DU). The Foundation Program at DU offers you a robust program to hone your linguistic, mathematical, computing and study skills.

By joining us, you are now not only part of the first accredited university in Oman but also part of a program that boasts six solid commendations given by OAAA in their audit report in the areas of teaching and learning, exam security, academic student support, student induction, etc.

Our program offers you the effectiveness of an outcome-based education in an inclusive, collaborative and thoughtful learning environment conducive to academic excellence and life-long learning. In addition, our program offers an outstanding student support service along with numerous extra-curricular activities. Our termly Student Open Day offers lots of fun and engaging cultural and social events.

Our program sees students as partners and, therefore, an open 24/7 communication channel is out there for everyone to address challenges, throw questions or give suggestions. Through this channel, information keeps flowing back and forth to ensure that students are kept posted of the latest events.

Finally, our program boasts an internationally diverse team from all corners of the world with richness of expertise and wealth of experience coupled with a high level of motivation that has every intention to take you further.

I wish you every success

Faisal B. Khalifa

Director of FP

The General Foundation Program is a one-year bridge course intended to equip high school graduates to pursue university majors and is undertaken by most university students in Oman. The program focuses on four areas: English, Mathematics, IT, and general study skills.

Dhofar University’s Foundation Program follows the general standards and learning outcomes as outlined by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA). It aims to impart quality education to students and prepare them for their various majors. With courses ranging from Beginner to Intermediate, it caters to the curricular and co-curricular needs of students to actively bridge the gap between secondary and tertiary education.

Since its inception, the Foundation Program has successfully met both these needs and the academic expectations of Dhofar University. There are presently more than 60 faculty members of various nationalities in the Foundation Program. The richness of their professional expertise and experience, their enthusiasm, and their involvement in the community constitute the backbone of the Foundation Program as it equips a steadily increasing student body.

The Foundation Program aspires to occupy a distinctive position amongst the Sultanate’s GFPs by imparting quality education.

The Foundation Program strives to equip students with quality, outcome-based education in a rich teacher-learner environment conducive to academic excellence and life-long learning.

  • 1. Academic excellence
  • 2. Individual responsibility
  • 3. Life-long learning
  • 4. Quality education
  • 5. Continuous improvement

There are 3 academic units in FP:

  • 1. English Unit
  • 2. Mathematics Unit
  • 3. IT Unit

The following table summarizes the FP study plan:

Hours Math Hours IT Hours
Regular Courses
English Level 1 20-25 Pre-Level 1 Math 4 0
English Level 2 20 Math Level 1 4 IT Level 1 3-4
English Level 3 20 Math Level 2 4 IT Level 2 3-4
Law Courses
English Law Level 1 20 Math Level 1 4 IT Level 1 3
Social Work Courses- Arabic
Social Work- Arabic 20 Math Level 1 4 IT Level 1 3
Arabic Courses
English Arabic Level 1 0 Math Level 1 4 IT Level 1 3
Evening Courses
English Level 1 20/25 Pre-Level 1 Math 4 0
English Level 2 20 Math Level 1 4 IT Level 1 3-4
English Level 3 20 Math Level 2 4 IT Level 2 3-4